Instituto Do It Yourself



Meetings for the development of tools linked to collaborative practices to community work to civic design and common goods The Hackaton IDYS has a special emphasis on the work of the city and territories being an added value to connect the local Know how where it was developed with other experts from other cities and territories.

Repository of projects in order to generate a common bank of knowledge about collaborative practices. This program is articulated from research on collective practices, participatory processes, cultural practices and / or activists, pedagogical processes, non-formal learning experiences, etc ….
These are theoretical-practical workshops/pills where contents, activities and projected actions are proposed to a community or group of people interested in the development of skills, abilities and knowledge through non-formal learning and group work.
Processes of social intervention with the aim of implementing a community infrastructure or collective equipment (garden, classroom, social headquarters, cultural device) through a learning process. This process has a holistic character giving a complete knowledge of the different phases and tools for the implementation and management of an infrastructure of these characteristics.
Learning experience for the generation of devices that have an impact on our city and connect with citizen initiatives. This is developed through an itinerary of micro-workshops based on a common theme and which articulate collective projects (open designs, measuring devices, shared data, etc.).