Instituto Do It Yourself


Meetings for the development of tools linked to collaborative practices to community work to civic design and common goods The Hackaton IDYS has a special emphasis on the work of the city and territories being an added value to connect the local Know how where it was developed with other experts from other cities and territories.

These meetings are spaces for collaborative work of sharing knowledge, materials and ideas in order to share them to build a common knowledge that can be used in open source.

What it is:
In the Hackathon there are two formats on the one hand the presentations in which each expert shows the tools, methodologies or experiences. On the other hand, there are the workshops, which are spaces where open development and collective implementations of the tools presented are proposed.

Total Hours: 20 h (Presentations, workshops, collaborative lunches, hackmeeting, DJ concerts)
Participants: 50-100max
Budget: €10,000

Benefits and added value:
Meeting for the exchange that inhabits learning processes from the motivation of collective work
Collective experience connecting glocal knowledge
Horizontal and intensive dynamics in which the participants complement individual experiences and abilities with the purpose of developing concrete solutions that report to the common.