Instituto Do It Yourself


Repository of projects in order to generate a common bank of knowledge about collaborative practices. This program is articulated from research on collective practices, participatory processes, cultural practices and / or activists, pedagogical processes, non-formal learning experiences, etc …. The results of these investigations are aimed at implementing the base of archival projects or the generation of products (publications, exhibitions, theses, tools, methodologies, etc…) that are linked to these practices.

Open research contexts connected to a learning community that enables the exchange of knowledge, the transfer of knowledge and the development of collective research projects.

Format description:
A space and a channel are set up so that experts who are interested in generating research on participatory processes and collaborative practices can develop work in this field. To this end, the infrastructure of the IDYS Archive is set up as a reference context in which to articulate their research and make it possible to connect with the local context of citizen initiatives in the city of Madrid.