Learning processes from the «do it yourself» and «do it with others» culture, which enable resilient training and critical capacity to adapt to changing conditions and situations.

Experiences that encourage teamwork and group decision-making involving a more horizontal model involving negotiation and consensus building to achieve objectives.

These are theoretical-practical workshops/pills where contents, activities and projected actions are proposed to a community or group of people interested in the development of skills, abilities and knowledge through non-formal learning and group work. The pills are developed in a real context. The starting hypothesis is defined by a community or collective and they are inscribed in a specific territory or project. The pills enable a specific knowledge in different subjects that grants competences for the development of collective projects.

The pills are non-formal learning training processes aimed at communities and people interested in specific knowledge, techniques, skills and the use of tools. The pills are associated with specific knowledge depending on the theme and transversal knowledge that involves the dynamization of group work and the construction of their collective stories.

In IDYS we develop 4 pills:

  • Pill Territorial diagnostics. Development of research and «radiography» type linkage for contexts and/or projects, where a previous study and evaluation is made with the intention of detecting needs, problems and possible design and implementation solutions.
  • Collaborative design pill. Collaborative design is a space for thinking and sounding out projects and proposals. It is made from prototypes that respond to the needs, aspirations and desires of the future community of use.
  • Module Management model. Collaborative management of infrastructures, devices or programmes involves understanding and generating articulation contexts as non-traditional governance models, as well as new inclusion channels and tools for the shared management of resources and contents.