Instituto Do It Yourself


TXP is a multidisciplinary collective of architects, designers and artists based in Madrid. It proposes new modes of city production, enabling new channels, tools, methodologies and frameworks for urban innovation involving the active participation of citizens.

It develops its main activity from collaborative practices proposing processes of citizen co-production where co-diagnosis is co-designed, built collectively and defined models of citizen management collectively.

Since 2014 we propose the opening of the space do it yourself in Vallecas as an extititucion that is both the spatial and conceptual framework to the learning processes in which we are involved.

This is a project that since its origins has promoted collaborative work and networking with institutions and citizen initiatives. These are some of the projects we have collaborated with and made this project possible:
Intermediae / La Casa Encendida / FRAVM Federación Regional de asociaciones de vecinos / La casa encendida / / Área de Cultura Ayuntamiento de Madrid /AAVV Palomeras Bajas -AAVV Alto del Arenal Asociaciacion de Vecinos Puente de Vallecas- SKBars San Cristóbal – Asoc. Cultural La Kalle – AAVV Zofío Colegio Palomeras Bajas CEIP Madrid Sur Solar Antonio Grilo /CS Seko /CS Montamarta / CS La Salamandra/ Hablar en arte.

Diego Peris

David Martí
Miguel Valle
COMANDANTE TOM · Comunicación Estrategia y Creatividad

Santi López + Luis Herranz