A DIWO (Do it with others) or DIT (do it together, let’s do it together) model is proposed. DIWO an extension of the DIY philosophy with a collaborative approach

Processes of social intervention with the aim of implementing a community infrastructure or collective equipment (garden, classroom, social headquarters, cultural device) through a learning process. This process has a holistic character giving a complete knowledge of the different phases and tools for the implementation and management of an infrastructure of these characteristics.

Thematic models were developed in progressive sessions from a learning community where knowledge is exchanged and decisions are made collectively. We identified 4 modules: diagnosis, collaborative design, collective constructions, community cultural management and we have a battery of transversal tools.

The itinerary responds to a context and a process and is defined according to each case, being a model that the community itself defines according to its interests and capacities. A community of experts and mentors will accompany the learning process.