Instituto Do It Yourself


Format: IDYS School
Mentor: IDYS
Community: La Salamandra Social Center
Date: 2018 · January- June
Promotor: Moratalaz District

The project responds to a reality, a new public sphere emerging from the distributed network of domestic practices in the private spaces of the city. The Caseando prototype proposes to strengthen these spaces and actors through a series of DIY workshops in this new form of housing. Caseando is a device of action and citizen participation through domestic practices. During one week, seven micro-workshops associated with specific needs are held around the theme of the cycle.

To this end, a series of mechanisms are proposed to enable such collective action. Devices that, through their construction “do it yourself”, or “do it with others”, in an economic, agile and playful way, recycling materials and learning, we can incorporate into our homes or domestic spaces, empowering us and generating nodes of action and citizen practice.

The workshops proposed are based on the creation of a prototype home, self-produced in a collaborative way. The devices that will be built along the 6 micro-workshops will be incorporated on it. The starting point is the device that is developed in the IDYS that articulates on the one hand the story of the workshops and is the support on which other devices are inserted and is the infrastructure that enables the development of different activities around this process.