Instituto Do It Yourself

DIWO Devices

Maker culture is an extension of DIY or DIWO cultural knowledge This subculture democratizes access to technology and knowledge and in turn is sustained by a culture of free software and open designs. 

In these contexts, collective intelligence is fostered through collaboration, creating a space for collective decision-making that builds consensus to achieve common objectives and develop collective projects.

Learning experience for the generation of devices that have an impact on our city and connect with citizen initiatives. This is developed through an itinerary of micro-workshops based on a common theme and which articulate collective projects (open designs, measuring devices, shared data, etc.).

We start from a referential device on a scale of 1:1, a piece of furniture or ephemeral architecture that has two fundamental roles: on the one hand it is the support that articulates the narrative thread around the theme. On the other hand, it makes possible the different activities and dynamics being a support for different formats, presentations, workshops, etc. This device is designed and developed by the team of mentors who coordinate the workshop.

Around this support there will be micro-workshops that propose the development of small-scale devices that implement the base device. Each workshop will have a mentor who poses a challenge. Starting from a specific methodology, tools will be deployed so that the maker acquires basic knowledge to be able to develop and replicate the device.